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Clean & Green Program

The Clean & Green Program provides a restorative alternative to traditional prosecution that benefits offenders and the community.


The Clean and Green Program is an environmental and social justice initiative of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office (HCDAO) in partnership with American YouthWorks’ Texas Conservation Corps Program (TXCC). The program is designed to divert non-violent offenders around the justice system and into community service opportunities, providing a restorative alternative to traditional prosecution, which benefits offenders and the community.

Participants engage in conservation projects that help restore the health of Harris County’s watersheds and waterways, with a main focus on cleaning up illegal dumpsites. The clean up of these dumpsites provides numerous benefits to the community, including public health and flood risk mitigation. The program also provides participants with hands-on skills training, environmental education and connections to employment and other community resources. Our partners include Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Greater East End Management District and the City of Houston.

Before and after of a fence covered in trash being cleaned up.
Before and after of a sewer entrance blocked by trash being cleaned up.
Before and after of a tree and waterway covered in trash being cleaned up.

Program Metrics

March 25, 2022 – January 28, 2023

Tires under a highway.

1,106 illegally disposed tires

were picked up on Flood Control District Property, in the East End sector, and across Harris County. 981 tires were able to be disposed of or recycled.

Litter on the side of the road.

1,333 litter filled trash bags

of household waste, single use plastic, construction debris, clothing items, and more were picked up and discarded.


236 furniture items

such as mattresses, box springs, bed frames, couches, office chairs, tables, center tables, lamps, and shelve units were picked up and disposed of.

The program metrics listed are from the AYW Clean & Green Report.

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